We just weren’t ready

I must admit I am very vulnerable when it comes to my grandmother, but I will try to get this out since I felt to share it. A couple of years before my grandmother died she fell into a coma and had been on life support for 10 days or so.  Prior to going to the hospital, the doctors had already talked to the family in the “say goodbye room”.   When I got to the hospital room I found my aunt standing at the door troubled with the responsibility left her to unplug my grandmother; who previously told her not to keep her on a machine.  My pregnant cousin is with her and crying uncontrollably; the unconscious are very sensitive. The smell of blood, death and darkness filled the room, I needed to get the atmosphere filled with Faith; I politely asked them to go home.  Then I went to find the nurse on duty to make sure everything was positioned right with machine (what I’m really doing is a shake down, looking for death agents).  I was sensitive to my grandmother, since her right arm kept jerking up and down, this was a sign to me that she wasn’t finished yet; time to battle!  First, I told death to leave, and began praying in the spirit while pacing the room.  Every time her arm would start jumping I would pray so that she wouldn’t need the medication they were giving her to keep it sedated.   During the night I wrapped myself in a blanket and read my Bible to the atmosphere.  After a few hours I took the blanket and laid it over her body.  Immediately her face was radiant and peaceful looking, I actually watched the healing transform her!  After which, I went home by faith knowing she was Healed even though she never opened her eyes. The next day I find they moved her from ICU to a different floor, and walk in the room where she and her husband are in a debate, without any idea of what happened.   The Lord gave us more time, we just weren’t ready – Praise God!

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